Precision comes first

Our machine park is equipped with leading CNC and universal machines for milling and scraping metal, which guarantee the top quality of the parts and their compliance with all tolerances and standards. In addition to machining by milling and scraping, we also offer sheet metal CNC plasma cutting, sheet metal bending, grinding, drilling, threading, mounting bearings with a hydraulic press, and many other machining services.
In addition to machining, we offer the production of complete technical documentation that facilitates the subsequent serial production of the work.

CNC machining

CNC metalworking machines enable fast production of high-precision and quality work. The geometries and design of the manufactured products are almost infinite, and the serial production of parts using CNC machines is, with a well-designed 3D model, very simple. Every part that comes out of our workshop has been previously analyzed and tested, in several phases, with special measuring instruments .

Mašinski delovi

Metal and plastic machining

Our metalworking machines use quality raw materials to make durable, precise, and long-lasting parts. Machining by removing sawdust is the basic type of metal processing such as ferrous steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and many others. A wide range of materials and designs ensures the unlimited application of your product in various industries.

Scope of use of our parts

Machining of metals and plastics enables the production of parts for a wide range of applications, such as automotive, medical, and the food industry. In addition to the precision of workmanship and safety of materials, we guarantee that every part that comes out of our workshop is tested following the highest standards.

Some of the parts made on our machines

In the gallery, you can see only some of the many types of parts we make in our workshops, such as various threaded parts of all types and steps, brackets, flanges, bent sheets, and housings, bearing housings, and other industry parts.

Kućište ventila

Our machine park

Our machine park includes modern machines and tools needed for the production of complex and durable parts that will meet all your requirements, such as CNC lathe, milling machine, and a machining center for fast production of 3D model products, universal lathe, and milling machine for fine finishing and machining of parts, CNC plasma and sheet metal bending machine for housing, brackets, and guides for mobile tapes. Also, there is a CNC drill and band drill, a hydraulic press, a sandblasting chamber as well as a chamber for the final processing of painting and lamination of metals. Fast and quality workmanship according to all your requirements in one place.

XN840 milling machine


200 kg work
table capacity

60 degree vertical
curvature of the head

MILL500 machining center

MILL 500

4 axes of movement
for processing

12 interchangeable tools
in the revolver

CNC Lathe 320x1000

CNC Lathe 320x1000

60 mm spindle opening for
long axles

320 mm maximum
workpiece diameter

CNC Plasma Lapel 1010

CNC plazma lapel 1010

140 mm vertical
Z-axis offset

10 m / min
idle speed

Universal lathe 410x1000

Lathe 410x1000

52 mm spindle hole for
long axles

410 mm maximum
workpiece diameter

ZX7055 DRO milling machine

Milling machine ZX7055

80 mm maximum diameter of the
cylindrical cutter

45 mm maximum
drill diameter

Sheet metal bender PBB1270x2

Sheet metal bender PBB1270x2

2 mm maximum bending
sheet thickness

150 degrees maximum
bending angle

Circular saw S200R

Circular saw  S200r

70 mm/ / min maximum
cutting speed

60 degrees maximum
cutting angle

Hydraulic press 50T

Hydraulic press 50t

50 t hydraulic
clamping force

9 adjustable
bed levels